Head of Productions/Business Development Officer


 A  full-time position working closely with the Creative Director and Finance/Operations Officer. The Head of Production leads & manages the company’s production team and is responsible for the successful implementation of all S&S Creative Media’s projects and activities; ensuring that resources are assigned efficiently and effectively, in accordance with the artistic and business objectives of the company


1. Production / Show Management 

  • Employment, supervision and delegation of tasks for all casual, seasonal and permanent production staff

  • Working closely with the director and design team on all productions to achieve their artistic vision. 

  • Responsible for production schedules and arranging production meetings. 

  • Generating theatre plans, templates, information sheets and reports


2.  Cost Control / Income Generation 

  • Proposal writing and fund raising

  • Identify areas of potential income generation and collaborating with the team to develop strategies to capitalize on them

  • Manage and expand existing income generating strategies

  • Forward plan capital investment and department structure.


3. Other

  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with clients, other companies and organisations, within the scope of the role. 

  • Assist the Executive/Creative Director with advice and general tasks that may arise from day to day. 


  1. Demonstrable Film/Tv or Theatre Management Experience

  2. Proven ability to work across a range of different areas within Video/Stage production 

  3. Experience leading a large team with a busy workload. 

  4. Experience in working with a wide range of stakeholders, often negotiating conflicting requests and needs.

  5. Out of the box thinking to achieve required outcomes 

  6. Proven high standard of attention to detail and ‘follow-through’ 

  7. Proven ability to plan and juggle heavy workload. 

  8. Experience in the use of PC computer hardware and software, including Word and Excel. 

  9. An interest in and sensitivity to actors, artists and the creative process. - 

  10. A solid understanding of the Nigerian creative landscape. 

  11. Film/Theatre, Project Management and other relevant qualifications are an added advantage 

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